Does your property need a conservation program?

Before you spend a dime on a conservation program, it’s important to determine if your property would benefit from a thorough conservation effort. There are many factors that go into qualifying properties as good candidates for water conservation. Utility rates, location and current systems all factor into our proprietary process to give you the highest savings possible.


NOTE: Not every property qualifies. Contact us at 832-786-1448 for details.


SaveWaterCo’s Custom Programs

From audit to installation, Save Water Co provides our customers with only the latest and greatest products and services that maximize their water conservation potential.  We focus on cost efficient retrofits that maximize returns and results. Participants in our Upgrade & Retrofit Program get:

  • Water usage analysis/consulting
  • Plumbing & water retrofit design
  • Plumbing materials procurement
  • Plumbing systems installation
  • Uniformity across portfolio
  • Vendor pricing on re-ordered supplies

Most building owners don’t realize how much their water bill can be reduced simply by replacing fixtures that were installed when water was a cheap and plentiful commodity.  Our water solutions include:

  • Retrofits with modern, low-flow fixtures
  • Installation of water-efficient or automated faucets, aerators, and low-flow shower heads
  • Fixing all drips, seepage and leaks


Forever Save Program

This is our most sought after solution. Save Water Co will monitor your bills monthly and maintain the conservation effort on an ongoing basis.  Through Forever Save, we will implement our conservation program and perform maintenance inspections every 6-9 months. This program is a  guaranteed to keep your water bills as low as possible.

Your water bills become our problem…to solve.


Option 1: Shared Savings

Our NO RISK option allows Save Water Co to pay for 100% of the implementation of your conservation program. We re-coup our investment by sharing in the savings generated. This option includes monthly monitoring of the water bills with subsequent follow up maintenance walks every 6-9 months.


Option 2: Capital Investment

Building owner purchases the equipment according to Save Water Co’s plan. 100% of the savings go directly to your bottom line. The bills will be monitored monthly for 6 months with one follow up maintenance walk of the property in 6-9 months.


Option 3: Do It Yourself

Actually, we do it WITH you. We’ll design a custom plan based on your usage and anticipated growth. Plus, we’ll guide you on installation, monitoring and new technologies as they become available.

Which program is best for you? Let’s have a conversation and see if you qualify. 1-832-786-1448