Using our natural resources wisely in the short-term so there are resources available in the long-term.

Total Recycling Impact to Date

Porcelain- 405Tons
Metallics- 5.2 Tons
Cardboard- 37Tons
Total kept from landfills- 447Tons

We are a creative generation with loads of opportunities to shift, create, and renew.  “Waste” has been a juicy topic within our company.  We have ongoing discussions on how we can have fun with the “waste” from projects and the possibility of it all becoming a new usable product. This maximizes resources that have already been pulled from the earth and prevents using more.  Eco-Sustainability!

Protect Our Atmosphere

Maintaining a Healthy Carbon Footprint

Save water, save energy, save the atmosphere.

Water makes it to your property somehow and that process definitely requires energy. We call this the “Life Cycle” of water. From capture to treatment to distribution, there is an inherent use of energy for every gallon of water that reaches you. CO2 emissions are an effect of energy use, therefore, saving water, saves energy, which decreases CO2 emissions.

How much energy is saved? How much carbon?

Now that we know water has embedded energy, we can give it a value. 1 gallon of water has on average .0037 kwh worth of energy within. On average in the United States, 1 kwh of energy spent will lead to 1 pound of carbon emitted into the atmosphere. That means that 270 gallons of water holds the key to 1 pound of carbon. So, we smile. Why? Because we save water in the hundreds of thousands of gallons monthly, and if we save 540,000 gallons of water in one month on one property, we have helped save 2000 pounds of carbon from entering our atmosphere.

Our efforts have kept an estimated 2,215,000 pounds of carbon from entering our atmosphere!