Richland Apartments

Richland Apartments was consuming 3 Million gallons of water per month.  After implementation of the Save Water Co Program, Richland is now consuming 1.19 Million gallons of water per month.  That’s a 61% consumption decrease!  Congrats to the team at Richland for taking action!

Cooks Creek Apartments

Cooks Creek saw a 52% decrease in their water consumption, which was just over $8,000 in monthly savings.  Over the course of the next 12 months, we are on target to save 15 million gallons of water on this property!

Tierra Del Sol Apartments

After 62 days in the program,Tierra Del Sol has seen a total savings of 1,446,810 gallons and a total of $9,392.27!  That’s a 32% reduction in their water consumption and cost!

Brompton Square Apartments

After only 15 days in the program, Brompton Square has already saved 224,000 gallons and $2,200 on their water bill! We are expecting to save 6 million gallons of water per year on this asset!