Katie and team made the decision easy. The passion of Save Water Co is present in the pricing, platform, support, and overall customer service that is superior to any other company we’ve used. The work was completed with craftsmanship and done speedily to avoid inconvenience for our residents. Using Save Water Co was a home run for us. They really want to save the planet’s most needed resource: water.

Dawn Waye
President, City Gate Group

The results from the program are truly remarkable!  When tenants save 50-60% on their water RUBS then they have more money available for higher rents or are happier with their total rent + utility costs. Please keep doing what you are doing.  You are awesome at what you do and we value you.

Skip Bird
Principal, S2 Capital Partners

Since utilizing Save Water Co services not only have we have seen dramatic improvement on our savings results, the strategic help on the front end of a property acquisition by Save Water Co helps us identify how much upside we have in a particular property. I truly appreciate the friendship in business and I consider Save Water Co a valued member of my team.

Mike Becker
Principal, SPI Advisory

The team at Save Water Co worked diligently to craft both a financing split and installation schedule that accommodated our tight budget, as well as allowed our residents to enjoy the holidays without construction interruptions. They were in and out within a week, and the savings have exceeded expectations.

Carrie Octavio
Vice President, Boston Financial Investment Management

Being in the business for 20+ years made us feel like we had a handle on our operations.  Katie and her team brought new information to the table that helped us realize what was possible with reducing utility expenses.  They have been an advocate for our business.

Mike Clark
President of Alpha-Barnes Real Estate & Texas Apartment Association

Katie is an impressive individual who possesses a strong work ethic along with extensive experience in the water conservation industry. Her commitment to customer service and doing it right is second to none!

Steve Lamberti
President, Milestone Management: Top 50 Management Company in U.S.

Save Water Co is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. I will recommend you to my colleagues. I am thoroughly impressed with Save Water Co. It’s incredible.

Save Water Co has really helped our business. Very easy to use. I love Save Water Co. Thanks Guys!

Shante Guerrero
Wahiawa, HI

Save Water Co is worth much more than I paid. It makes my life alot easier. I use Save Water Co often. Thank You! Save Water Co exceeded my expectations. I will recommend you to my colleagues. Nice work on Save Water Co. It’s really wonderful.

Travis Johnson
Glenwood, AR

Really good. It really saves me time and effort. Save Water Co is exactly what our business has been lacking. Nice work on your Save Water Co.

Erica Fife
General Manager

Save Water Co is excellent. I will recommend you to my colleagues. I have been very much impressed by Save Water Co. Keep up the excellent work! Save Water Co is worth much more than I paid. It makes my life alot easier. I STRONGLY recommend Save Water Co to EVERYONE! Really good.


Kenneth Frick
Glenwood, AR


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